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  • FX12 Advertising CNC Router
  • FX12 Advertising CNC Router
  • FX12 Advertising CNC Router

FX12 Advertising CNC Router


1. Adopts advanced DSP numerical control system. It has the characteristic of operating with the handle, large screen display, convenient operation and easy maintenance. It is designed with more human nature.
2. The adoption of the imported linear guide and German high precision ball-screw ensure the precision and long life of the equipment.
3. The adoption of memory mode to the point break, ensure the continuous processing if we meet any accidents (when the blade is broken or postpone situation)
4. Gantry movement, casting table is more durable. It will not bend after long time use. The position precision is much better.
5. Unique saving mode of original points for many files.
6. It has compatible CAD/CAM software such as Type 3, Artcam, Wentai, Coredraw etc.

Applicable Industries:

1. Furniture industries: cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid woods, antique furniture

2. Decoration industries: screens, wave boards, advertising boards and sign making

3. Arts Crafts industries: Engrave on artificial stones, woods, bamboos, marbles

4. Processing material: engraving, milling and cutting processing for acrylic, PVC,artificial stonesplastics and soft metal sheets such as copper and aluminum.

Applicable Materials:

Acrylic, Plastic, Solid Wood, MDF, PVC, ABS, ACP, FOAM, Aluminum, Brass, etc.

X,Y working area1200×1200mm1200×1800mm1200 ×2400mm
Z working area>100mm>100mm>100mm
Table Size1340×1420mm1340×2020mm1340×2680mm
Max. Speed0 - 4,000mm/min0 - 4,000mm/min0 - 4,000mm/min
Max. working Speed0 - 3,000mm/min0 - 3,000mm/min0 - 3,000mm/min
Max. feeding height110mm110mm110mm
Working delicacy0.005mm0.005mm0.005mm
Repositioning accuracy0.05mm0.05mm0.05mm
CommandG code*.u00*.mmg*.pltG code*.u00*.mmg*.pltG code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
Surroundings for softwarewindows98/2000/xpwindows98/2000/xpwindows98/2000/xp
Power (spindle is not included)400W450W550W
Working voltageAC220V/50HzAC220V/50HzAC220V/50Hz
Spindle power1.5kw2.2kw2.2kw
Spindle rotating speed0-24000rpm/min0-24000rpm/min0-24000rpm/min
Drive motorStepperStepperStepper

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