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Shandong Ruby CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.


Established in 2008, we have been specializing in the field of Laser engraving and Cutting machines, Oscillating knife CNC Digital cutting machine, laser welding/cleaning machines, CNC router machines, and CNC plasma cutting machine. Over the years, we have established three branch companies(Shandong Ruby CNC equipment Co., Ltd, Flying Technology Development Ltd and Jinan KINGX Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd) and own four workshops. We have established the cooperation network with the distributors in 30 different countries.

Our company is the modern enterprise in combination with researching, producing and selling, have excellent engineers, technical experts, etc. Each product has its enterprise standard. All of them have the strict quality testing department detection, complete with product standards. The product passed the     European Union CE authentication and American FDA certificate. The employee of our company is very rigorous, serious and responsible. The product from design to production, every link is excellent, plus factorys strict inspection so that making the product has excellent quality and minimum malfunction probalility.

Our products are widely used in the following industry, such as Clothing and textile, Soft furniture, Advertising and decoration, Packaging industry, Sports goods, Medical protection, Membrane structure, Shoes bag leather, Sealing gasket, Automobile interior, Suction insulation, Woodworking, Advertising, Art-making, Metal cutting,  Model, Electric, CAD/CAM Industry Model, Package Printing, Marking, Aerospace, automobile/shipbuilding and so on.

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