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  • Spilt type UV 3D laser marker
  • Spilt type UV 3D laser marker
  • Spilt type UV 3D laser marker
  • Spilt type UV 3D laser marker
  • Spilt type UV 3D laser marker

Spilt type UV 3D laser marker


The processing method of UV laser marking machine is different from other laser marking equipment. CO2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine use physical methods for laser marking. UV laser marking machine adopts chemical processing method, mainly through photochemical reaction. The difference between the two processing methods is that the laser physical processing method mainly processes the surface of the product and material, while the laser chemical processing method can use the laser to penetrate deep into the product material for processing.

Applicable Industries:

UV laser marking machine is especially suitable for the high-end market of ultra-fine processing. Such as surface marking of packaging bottles of polymer materials such as cosmetics, medicines, and food (fine effect, clear and firm marking, better than ink coding, no pollution), flexible pcb board marking and scribing; silicon wafer micro-holes, blind hole machining. Among them, 80% of the data cables and adapters on the market are marked with UV lasers.

Applicable Materials:

-plastic parts, glass

-gold plating, silver and other surface marking

-oil plastic material surface marking, eg: Samsung panel, melamine

-mark the surface of dehalogenated elemental materials, eg: Iphone charger, connection wire and other peripheral products

-daily necessities (beverage packaging, food packaging)

-marking of cables and cables

-various pipe surface marks

-flexible materials and carbon fiber cutting




Laser power


Laser Wavelength


Marking range


/Minimum line width


Minimum character


Marking speed


Marking depth

0 ~1mm

Engraving line speed


Repeatability accuracy


Marking Format

Graphics, text, bar codes, two-dimensional code, auto marking date, batch number, serial number, frequency,etc.

Graphic format supported


working voltage


Unit power


Working environment

Clean and dust free or dust less

Working condition:Humidity

5%-75%,free of condensed water

Net weight


Packing size


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