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  • RF3015D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • RF3015D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • RF3015D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

RF3015D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


RF3015D is a new high-performance fiber laser cutting machine developed for the actual needs of the sheet metal processing industry. The heavy-duty bed suitable for high-power lasers uses thick rectangular tube honeycomb stagger welding, which can meet the cutting strength requirements of thick plates and can withstand the impact of high-speed operation.

High-speed parallel exchange platform design, reasonable transmission structure, can complete the plate exchange in ten seconds, greatly improving cutting efficiency.

Full enclosed protective cover,Guaranteeing the separation of operator and machine,Dust proof Environmental

Applicable Industries:

Mechanical and Electrical Equipment ,Stainless Steel Products,Construction and Decoration Industries,Billboard ,Sheet Metal Structure,High-low Voltage Electric Cabinet ,Kitchenware.Car Accessories,Saw Bits,Precision Metal Parts,Metal Artware,etc.

Applicable Materials:

Stainless Steel Sheet  and Hollow Pipe ,Carbon Steel Sheet and Hollow Pipe ,Stianless Iron Sheet and Hollow Pipe ,Galvanized Sheet and Hollow Pipe ,Manganese steel ,Electrolytic plate,Aluminum Alloy ,Titanium Alloy ,Aluminum,Brass,Rare metal,etc.

Machine ModelRF-3015D
Max. working area1500×3000mm
Laser PowerFiber 1000W/2000W/3000W
Cutting thickness0.2-14mm carbon steel / 0.2-10mm stainless steel
Laser wavelength1070nm
Rated power10-100%
Machine transmission modelGear and Rack
Line acceleration3000mm/s
corner acceleration2000mm/s
X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy±0.03mm
Min. cutting line width0.02mm
Max. cutting speed30m/min
Max moving speed100m/min
Machine Weight5500KG
Machine dimension4.0x2.5x1.5M

RF3015AP Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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