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  • Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


RF-6016N is an economical and practical laser pipe cutting machine developed by our company in combination with market demand for end-users of bulk pipe processing. The model is extremely cost-effective, It can cut 6.5 meters and the tailing is 90mm, which is extremely adaptable. It is an ideal choice for the majority of pipe processing enterprises. From configuration selection to assembly process, to post-training and after-sales service, the machine truly creates a laser tube cutting machine that customers can afford! 

Applicable Industries:

Widely used in sports equipment, various metal tubes, water tubes, oil tubelines and other industries, suitable for all kinds of special-shaped tubes such as round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, oval tubes, etc. Take the petroleum industry as an example, the main route of oil transportation is tubeline, and because of the characteristics of the oil itself, it leads to high-quality tubelines. The fiber laser cutting machine can realize multi-angle precision processing of pipelines to meet the needs of oil transportation.

Applicable Materials:

Especially designed for the cutting of tubes of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, or other metal tubes. 

Tube cutting sizeDiameter Φ16-φ16,L≤6500mm
X aixs distance160mm
Y aixs distance6900mm
Z aixs distance120mm
X、Y aixs positioning accuracy±0.05/1000mmmm
X、Y aixs repeat positioning accuracy±0.03/1000mmmm
X、Y aixs Max moving speed70m/min
Chunk Max rotary speed100r/min
Tailing length≥90(according to tube maybe different)mm
Machine sizeAbout 8900×1900×1900mm
Laser power1000w
Control systemCyp-tube
Power consumption14KWKw
Voltage Requirement380V/50HzV

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