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Knife cutting composite materials
  • Knife cutting composite materials
  • Knife cutting composite materials
  • Knife cutting composite materials

Knife cutting composite materials

Composite materials are generally composed of two or more different substances in different ways. It can exert the advantages of various materials, overcome the defects of a single material, and expand the scope of the application of materials. Due to the characteristics of light weight, high strength, convenient processing, excellent processing, excellent elasticity, good chemical corrosion and good weather resistance, it is widely used in the fields of aerospace, automobiles, electronics, construction, fitness equipment. However, artificial cutting difficulties and poor quality, which cannot meet the diverse and high -precision cutting needs of compound materials at all.

The RubyCNC oscillating digital knife cutting machine uses high -frequency oscillating knife cutting technology to meet various composite materials such as fiberglass/glass fiber, carbon fiber, boron fiber, carbon fabric, aramid fiber, silicon carbide fiber, and asbestos fiber. The cutting of composite materials has the following advantages:

1. Compared with co2 laser cutting machine, its cutting speed is much faster, cutting section is smooth, and the scorched material will not get burned. There is no smoke, no smell and no dust during the entire cutting process, which is more environmentally friendly.

2. Compared with traditional mold stamping, there is no need to make molds, which is more flexible, meets different shapes and batches of order production, and realizes rapid delivery;

3. RUBYCNC Digital cutting machine is much higher efficient, more accurate and better cutting quality compared to manual cutting. As labor costs become higher and higher, choosing a smarter cutting method is a smart choice.

4. RUBYCNC digital cutter is equipped with auto nesting software, auto feeding table and vacuum adsorption system. The auto nesting system draws and fixes the roll-shaped prepreg, and then imports the designed image, such as Ai, CorelDraw, Cad, etc. into the machine cutting operating system. Then the RUBYCNC digital cutter automatically cuts on the composite based on the designed graphic.

Popular engraving or Cutting objects:

Glass Fiber/Fiberglass

Carbon Fiber 

Carbon fabric

Carbon Fiber Woven Fabric

Oxford fabric

Carbon Fiber Prepreg Fabrics

Prepreg Fabrics

Composite Cotton Fabric

Composite Mesh Fabric

Heat Insulation Cotton

FoamGraphite polystyrene insulation board,

Anti-corrosion silicone cloth




Graphite composite board

Felt and fabric

Aramid Fibers

Thermal insulation materials

Aerospace composites

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