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laser etching glass
  • laser etching glass
  • laser etching glass
  • laser etching glass
  • laser etching glass

laser etching glass

Compared to traditional glass engraving techniques like mechanical engraving or sandblasting - marking glass via. CO2 laser is considerably more repeatable and efficient.

The end result is a sophisticated, beautifully frosted effect that allows you to take a pice of glass and use it to highlight logos, designs, text or any other image you want etched into the glass surface.

Many glass objects are cylindrical but can still be etched through the use of a rotary attachment. This can be purchased in addition to any Boss Laser machine and will enable the machine to precisely rotate the glassware as the laser etches your custom design.

With the exception of leaded crystal (because of it's metal content) most glass materials can be engraved with a CO2 laser. The best type of glassware to etch is the less expensive everyday type of glass that doesn't have a high lead or metal content.

Popular engraving or Cutting objects:

   - wine or shot glassware

   - beer mugs

   - champagne flutes


  - glass plaques or frames


  - glass plates


  - vases, jars, and bottles


  - Christmas ornaments

   - personalized glass gifts

   - glass awards


   - mirror

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